Stalin - Trotsky: A Battle To Death

Stalin - Trotsky: A Battle To Death

Unimaginable, unbelievable, ridiculous movie. Under rated movie, very under rated If you have seen other movies from then you will know the story behind this movie. The story and plot of the movie were both awesome. Stalin - Trotsky: A Battle To Death came to us from insane minds, you should appreciate that. After few minutes of watching, it's clear this movie will be great. What makes this movie interesting? Conversations, music, characters, just everything. No movie made me so excited while watching, no other movie! I love watching movies online on such websites, it is so easy and free instead of paying for netflix or hulu. Althought not as good as the book, still great as movie.

Genre: Documentary

Country: United States

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8,8

Views: 239