Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni

Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni

Movie made by my favorite director. I have to admit, this movie has several great moments. My life was very similar to experience of main character. Every character here, has it's own important and funny moment. A very direct movie, it wants to slap you in your face. It's hard to find any inappropriate scene in this masterpiece. I was worried about ending, but it didn't disappointed me. No movie made me so excited while watching, no other movie! I can watch it in any language, even in hindi for free here, I don't know this language but I know I will enjoy it. It's interesting that you don't need to create account here to watch any movie online, so don't waste your time!

Genre: Drama, Romance, War

Country: Japan

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 8,1

Views: 261